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Interpretation is the process of establishing, either simultaneously (known as simultaneous interpretation) or consecutively (known as consecutive interpretation), oral or gestural communications between two or more speakers who are not able to use the same language or symbols.

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The goal of translation is to establish a relation of equivalence of intent between the source and target texts (that is to say, to ensure that both texts communicate the same message), while taking into account a number of constraints. These constraints include context, the rules of grammar of both languages, their writing conventions, their idioms, and the like.

At All In One we don’t take translation as a mechanical replacement of words. We believe it is a creative process.

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Transcription is the process of having speech converted into written, typewritten or printed form, of a spoken language source, such as the proceedings of a court hearing.

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Cultural Presentations/Trainings focus on immigrants from different continents and countries and provide participants with a broad perspective of the people, their unique history, art, philosophy, social relationships, interests, skills, and value system. Participants will gain knowledge of the culture as well as learn to assess situations within a culturally sensitive framework. The main goal of the presentation/training is to explore the ways in which service providers can work together with the immigrant population to help with life’s difficult times and how to capitalize on their strengths. All In One’s cultural presentations are intended for personal or professional development. All In One is proud to announce that all the presenters are native speakers.

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